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,Pairw∣ Look at the pictures


Look at the pictures. In pairs, ask and answer the following questions:

■ What is happening in the three pictures?

■ Are there any differences∕simiIarities between the types of education shown in the photographs?

■ How do you think the people in the photographs feel?

■ Have you ever experienced any of the situations shown?

Develop your reading skills

What comes before?

You are going to read some sentences from different texts about education. For each of the sentences, decide what kind of point the writer was making in the previous sentence.

Write in the gap:

A For a point which CONTRASTS (disagrees) with the point made in the second sentence

B For a point which SUPPORTS (agrees with) the point made in the second sentence

C For a point which gives the CAUSE (the reason) for something happening


J5 Moreover, many educational psychologists argue today that strict classroom discipline is actually a disincentive to effective and efficient learning.


As a result, more and more


_ Whats more, it has never been

Graduates are leaving university with bank balances deeply in the red.

Proved that children who are taught by their parents at home receive less of a grounding in social and life


_ However, this ignores the fact that


Mixed-ability classes often discriminate against the more able students in those classes.


_ In consequence, it seems clear that the way forward is to have as highly educated a workforce as possible.


In addition, society has to recognise that schools can never totally replace the role of the parent when it comes to moral guidance.


_ Thus, until we deal with the generally inadequate standard of state school teaching, there will always be a market for private


_ On the other hand, school uniforms


Do instil in pupils a sense of belonging.

9 _

_ Lastly, the school has recently introduced craft, design and


Apart from that, we also need to consider the important issue of

Technology courses to the curriculum.

Whether university lecturers have actually received any training in how to communicate their knowledge effectively to their students.


_ Despite this, teachers are still leaving the profession in droves, fed up with the education system being treated as a political football by politicians.

Find and write

Underline the words or phrases in each second sentence which helped you make your decision. Then write them in the appropriate column in the table below.

Introducing contrast

Introducing a supporting argument

Introducing a result

I t

Develop your reading skills

What comes next?

Here are some more sentences. For each one, decide what kind of point the writer makes in the next sentence.

Write in the gap:

A For a point which CONTRASTS (disagrees) with the point made in the previous sentence

B For a point which SUPPORTS (agrees with) the point made in the previous sentence

C For a point which gives the EFFECT (the result) of the point made in the previous sentence

D For a point which is the writer’sown OPINION

E For a point which is someone else’s OPINION



1 On the one hand, we do have to have a system that adequately tests what has been taught. On the other hand,

2 Firstly, there is no evidence that left-handed students are treated any differently by teachers than right-handed students. Secondly,

3 A number of teachers have managed to reduce the amount of homework they assign their students without it affecting overall performance.

For instance,

4 We have seen in this chapter that there are a number of ways for the teacher to attempt to motivate a troublesome class. To sum up,

5 The number of school leavers from disadvantaged backgrounds entering higher education is falling dramatically. According to the Education Research Foundation,

6 If education doesn’t prepare our children for the realities of modern working practices, then it is failing both our children and our society as a whole. Therefore,

7 Corporal punishment is seen by most people today as being barbaric, unnecessary, destructive and old-fashioned. To my mind,

How did you know?

Underline the words or phrases which helped you make your decision.

When do writers use these expressions?

Here are some more words, phrases and expressions which we sometimes find in texts. Writers use them to make their argument clearer. What do they tell us?

Write a letter from the list A-G In exercise C next to each expression below.


1 For example,

2 Furthermore,

3 As far as Γm concerned,

4 In conclusion,

5 For this reason,

6 But…

7 As I see it,

8 Secondly,

9 Personally,

10 Finally,

11 In my opinion,

12 It seems to me that…

13 To conclude,

14 Because of this,

15 … such as…

16 Having said that,

Read these sentences and then use the words in bold to complete the sentences below.

Qualifications Are exam results which prove you have reached a certain level.

■ Γm going to get a job as soon as I Graduate From university.

■ The qualification you get when you graduate from university is called a Degree.

■ In Britain, a Public school Is a private, fee-paying school.

■ In the USA, a public school is a State school, Which is run by the government and is free to attend.

■ She went to Nursery (SchooI)Zkindergarten When she was two years old.

■ We’re not taking exams this year at school; all our work is Assessed.

■ Γd like you all to write an Essay Entitled ‘Deception in Hamlet.’

■ If you are Illiterate, You don’t know how to read and write.

■ Your Skills Are the things that you can do well.

1 I’ve got to write an this

Weekend on the causes of the First World War.

2 Apart from a GCSE in English, do you have any other?

3 35% of this course is examined, and the rest is throughout the year.

4 Because Jeffrey had been a boarder at an expensive, he adapted to prison life remarkably easily.

5 I personally believe that the system is much fairer, as every pupil, irrespective of how much money their parents have, receives the same quality of education.

6 There are far too many adults today; something must be done about it.

7 Almost all children round here go to a until they’re five years old.

8 He’s got some very impressive qualifications, but do you think he’s got the necessary for the job?

9 As long as I don’t completely mess up my university final exams, I should

From Warwick next July.

10 I think Helen’s got an honours

In German Literature from Hull University.

З ————————————————

Practise your reading skills

Reading know-how

■ Просмотрите текст, чтобы понять его основное содержание. IIe обращайте внимания иа незнакомые слова.

■ Убедитесь, что предложение, которое вы выбрали в качестве ответа, является логическим продолжением предыдущего предложения, а также ЛОГИЧЕСКИ и

ГРАММАТИЧЕСКИ связано с последующим предложением.

Обращай те внимание на слова-связки, которые помогут вам установить логические связи между предложениями и выбрать правильный ответ.

Начинайте выполнять задание с самых простых заданий.

Read and answer

You are going to read a guide for international university students. Seven sentences have been removed from the guide. Choose from the sentences A-H The one which fits each gap (1-6). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).

подпись: a inside, you will find a number of shops, bars and food outlets, as well as a iaundrette, two banks and a travel agent’s.
b generally, your course will consist of lectures, seminars and regular meetings with your personal tutor.
c in addition, you are free to join any of the university clubs and societies and attend union-organised events such as pop concerts and discos.
d a confidential counselling service is also available.
подпись: e as a result, a number of ethnic societies, such as the greek society, the irish society and the jewish society, exist to fill your cultural and social needs.
f as an international student, you may have some questions that neither your hall tutor nor your personal tutor are able to answer.
g however, they are not expected to do your washing-up or tidy away your things.
h for this reason, we have produced this small factsheet which may make your first few days here a little easier.

Alcot University

Guide for International Students

Welcome to the University of Alcot. We very much hope that your time here will be both highly productive and highly enjoyable, but we do recognise that it is not always easy for students from other countries to adapt to campus life in Britain. ∣~ O ∣ H ~

Your Hall of Residence contains twelve rooms, all like yours. The kitchen and bathrooms are communal. In the interests of hygiene and respect for your flatmates, we would ask you to keep these shared facilities as clean and tidy as possible. These rooms will be cleaned

By a member of the cleaning staff once a day (Monday to Friday). 1 Please be

Polite and respectful to your cleaners — they have a difficult and unpleasant job to do. Your Hall Tutor will introduce himself or herself to you over the next few days. If you have any problems with anything to do with your life on campus, they are there to help you.

Student social life revolves around the Student Union, which is the large yellow building opposite the library. 2 ∣ As a student

At Alcot, you are automatically a member of
the Union. This entitles you to use all the facilities and to vote in all Union elections and meetings.

3 I ISee The Alcot Excalibur, the free weekly student newspaper, for further information regarding upcoming Union events.

Regarding your course of studies, you will receive a letter in the next couple of days from your Head of Department inviting you to attend a welcome meeting for new students. You will be given further information concerning your course at this meeting. 4 He or she will be able to

Deal with any academic problems or questions you may have.


In pairs, discuss your answers.

подпись: answers right?

Which words or phrases in the text and in the list of sentences helped you get the

I 5 I IIf you have any problems, issues or concerns directly related to that fact that you are a non-British citizen, these can be referred to the International Office. Situated next to the Arts Building, the International Office is staffed by one permanent Welfare Officer and a body of trained student volunteers. They are experienced in handling issues related to visas, immigration and police registration. 6

Further information regarding other university facilities, such as the medical centre, sports centre, arts centre and library, can be found in the accompanying Alcot Guide for Undergraduates. This also contains useful phone numbers and a map of the campus.

Grammar focus

We Do recognise That it is not always easy for students from other countries to adapt to campus life in Britain. = ‘We Recognise …’With extra emphasis

This is the emphatic present simple.

He Did pass The exam. = ‘He Passed…’With extra emphasis

This is the emphatic past simple.

Why did the writer or speaker decide to use the emphatic form in these sentences? Circle the correct reason a or b.

подпись: 1 however, in the end she did manage to get her essay handed in on time.
a to emphasise that it hadn’t been an easy thing to do
b to emphasise that she had done it easily
2 i think in fact matthew does want to get better grades, but he finds it hard to concentrate.
a to emphasise the reason why matthew doesn’t get better grades
b to express disagreement with what someone else has just suggested
3 i really do love physics; it’s such an interesting subject.
a to emphasise how much the speaker loves physics b to express disagreement with what someone else has just suggested
подпись: 4 i hated german at school, but i did enjoy our latin lessons.
a to emphasise the contrast between the writer’s feelings for german and latin
b to emphasise how much the writer enjoyed latin
5 many teachers do still believe that students should just sit quietly in the class and listen to them.
a to emphasise how strongly the teachers believe b to show that the writer disagrees with what the teachers believe
подпись: 3 writing
подпись: education
подпись: warm-up

Look at the pictures. In pairs, ask and answer the following questions.

* What are the advantages of each way of studying shown in the photographs?

■ Do you personally learn better alone or in a group?

■ Do you like studying languages? Why/Why not?

Develop your writing skills

What do I have to include?

Read this question.

You saw this advertisement for a course and contacted the college for more details, making the notes below. Read the advertisement and the notes carefully.

Write a letter to your penfriend, who you know is interested in languages, telling them about the course.

Saluton. Kiel vi fart as?

Confused? Don’t be. That’s Esperanto for ‘Hello. How are you?’ Esperanto is an artificial language spoken by many people around the world. How would you like to learn Esperanto from home? With our new home study course you could be communicating in Esperanto with people from many countries Qh just two montħ⅛. Absolute beginners are welcome. Low fee. Call 01276 333451

-~4⅛r further details∖Coursedirector:MrHope, EurolinguaCollege

подпись: ∣v∖ve∣d-e<λ: l??7 ζpe<nkers: 2 !million fee; €6(9 -por 2-∣mo½⅛-iΛ course texfbooks ex⅛v<n подпись: c0la∣<λ <λo i⅜- ovev нле slalalmer

It is very important to include all the right information from your notes. Tick which of the following pieces of information you have to include.

1 Esperanto isn’t a confusing language.

2 It was invented in 1887.

3 You have to pay extra for the textbooks.

4 The fee is €60.

5 Your friend could do the course over the summer.

6 ‘Saluton’ means ‘Hello’ in Esperanto.

7 There are 2 million speakers of Esperanto around the world.

How did they do?

Read these two paragraphs from letters written by different students in answer to the composition question above. Underline where they mention the points from the notes above.


I called them for you yesterday. The secretary told me about the guy who invented it in 1887, but I can’ t remember his name. I do remember that there are something like two million speakers around the world, though. She said it was €60 for a two-month course, which you could possibly do over the summer. You can get more information from the course director, Mr Hope. Do you want the number?



Write the correct number, 1 Or 2, To answer the following questions.

Which writer has

A Written natural sentences using the prompts?

B copied one of the prompts without understanding it?

C Forgotten to mention one of the prompts?

D Used an appropriate style?

E Not thought about the grammar of the prompts?

подпись: write a paragraphDevelop your writing skills

Here is an incomplete answer to the question above.

Tick which of the following points the writer has mentioned.

A Esperanto was invented in 1887.

B You have to pay extra for the textbooks, C The fee is €60 for the 2-month course, D Your friend could do the course over the summer, E There are 2 million speakers of Esperanto around the world.

Now write the missing paragraph in your notebook, including the remaining points from above.

Dew Jenny,

Hi! How we you? THwks for your IwH IefHev.

Anyweny, Iisfen. I knou∕ you SeniA you were ⅛-Hinking of Iewning 8,8,7 wA HHere we enbouf Hwo million Speenkers. wounA HHe worlA.

VjHenH Ao you HHink? I’ll SenA you HHe number o-P HHe college if you’re inferesfeA.

AlmosH ∙Porgof. Pefer senys Hello. I Henve Ho go now — Gemw Homework. You’re nof HHe only one Aoing Iwguenges, you know!

Lofs of love,


Read your partner’s writing

Swap paragraphs and read what your partner has written.

Using your partners paragraph, answer the following questions.

1 Has my partner used all the remaining prompts?

2 Has my partner put them into natural sentences?

3 Has my partner used an appropriate informal style?

Study the model

подпись: a they do vegetarian meals.
b a meal costs about €25 per person.
c large groups get a discount of 10%.

подпись: there are no tables on the 7th, but there are on the 8th.
they have live music at the weekend. the restaurant is in the countryside.
Read the question on page 213. Circle which of the following the writer has to mention.

Now read model composition 3 on page 213.

Underline the phrases where the writer mentions the necessary information above.

What style has the writer used?

Composition development

Read this composition question and do the exercises that follow.

You saw this advertisement for a course and contacted them for more details, making the notes below. Read the advertisement and the notes carefully. Write a Letter To your penfriend, who you know is interested in improving their memory, telling them about the course. — x

Want to improve your memory

подпись: sen<λ yoi∖ worksheets with exercises cost; £,^ cevti∙pic<Λte <nt e¼<λOur new distance learning(^ourse~Vvi]l teach you how.
Remember names and telephone numbers.
Easily learn words in a foreign language.

подпись: complete course: - 2 vΛθ½thsYou’ll be amazed at the results in just 10 days!
Call TonyWelIand on 0943 453297.


Answer the following questions. Discuss your answers with the class.

What’s your penfriends name?______________________________________________________

What news might you tell them before you mention the course?

Where do you do the course?_______________________________________________________

How long does the course last?_____________________________________________________

How much does the course cost?___________________________________________________

What does certificate at end’ mean?_________________________________________________

What reason will you give for ending your letter?

How might you close your letter?____________________________________________________

What would be an appropriate style?_________________________________________________

How many points do you need to include?____________________________________________

From prompts to sentences

For each prompt, write a sentence that you might use to tell your penfriend that information.

1 complete course: 2 months 3 Cost: £55

2 Send you worksheets with exercises 4 Certificate at end

Make it informal

For each of these sentences, write a second sentence that gives the same information in an informal, friendly style.

1 Regarding your enquiry, I am pleased to be able to report that my mother’s health is much improved.

2 I received the news of your recent success in your examinations with satisfaction.

3 I would like to inform you that the total cost will be approximately £55.



подпись: plan your paragraphs complete the following paragraph plan, making notes on what you are going to include in each paragraph.
подпись: ih-povw∖cΛ1 let+ev
 гелг ,
рлггпдглр!л ∣
рлглдглр1л 2
рлглдглрк 3
рлглдглрк 4
closing - expression's)
your -pirji- ½enιue


Now write your letter.


подпись: read these sentences and then use the words in bold to complete the sentences below.
■ students at school are sometimes called pupils.
■ pupils in britain go to primary school up to the age of eleven.
■ from eleven to sixteen, pupils in britain have to go to secondary school; in america, they go to junior and senior high school.
■ some pupils decide to stay on at school until they are eighteen to do exams.
■ the fee(s) for the course is∕are €200, but the books are free.
■ turn to page seven in your textbook and study the model.
■ i did the course by distance learning, so i studied at home and sent exercises back through the post.
■ i passed the exam and i should get the certificate in the post in a few weeks.
■ i understand english, but i have problems learning definitions by heart.
■ if you leave college or school before the end of your course, you drop out.
1 if there aren't any colleges in your area, you could consider studying by
2 i’ll be so proud when i pass that i’m going to hang my on the wall.
3 my mum's worried that my brother’s going to of college and not get any qualifications.
4 all students are required to pay the course before taking the examination.
5 many young people at
school because it’s difficult to find a job without qualifications.
6 we moved house when i was nine, so i had to start at a new
7 it took me ages to learn the english alphabet
8 i think the we use in our
history lesson is really boring.
9 our new english teacher gets on well with all the
10 it can be a bit frightening when you leave primary school and have to move up to
подпись: read this checklist. when you have written your letter, tick the boxes.
подпись: ■ i have used the information in all the prompts.
■ i have turned the prompts into natural sentences.
■ i have used an appropriate informal style.
■ i have checked for spelling mistakes.
■ i have checked for grammar mistakes.


Practise your writing skills

Informal transactional letter

Writing know-how

подпись: ■ если один из пунктов задания вызывает у вас сомнения, попытайтесь догадаться о его значении. по возможности перефразируйте слова и выражения, использованные в задании, по при этом помните, что все пункты должны быть освещены.■ Убедитесь в том, что ваше сочинение написано в стиле, соответствующем заданию и включает все пункты, перечисленные в нем.

Write an answer to the following question in 120-180 Words in an appropriate style.

You saw this advertisement for a summer course abroad and contacted the college for further details, making the notes below. You have decided to attend the course and would like to invite a friend of yours who lives in another town to join you.

Read the advertisement and the notes carefully. Then write a Letter To your friend, giving the necessary information and trying to persuade your friend to join you.

подпись: дссоммоааночcoia^ovtable √eoms above college mw⅛ book 40⅛ i∙p wam- v<5oms!
2-week coiΛ*sez only s,000 roubles
∣0¼u - zw aiΛgiΛs⅛∙ b∙ips to m(ΛseiΛmz libvavyz spov⅛-s cem∙ve
Windsor College Summer Courses in English

• Experienced tutors for all levels.

• Reasonable fees.

• Accommodation available.

Beautiful college in countryside setting.
Morning lessons, with afternoon outings arranged.
Call 01223 37565 for further details.

Grammar focus

When we write notes, we often miss out the articles.

Principal said we must pay fee. = The Principal said we must pay The Fee.

When you are given notes as prompts, you have to make sure you use the correct articles (a, an, the) in your writing. Rewrite the following prompts in complete sentences, using articles where appropriate.

1 College has swimming pool at back.

2 College may offer discount on fee for group.

3 Exams take place in local school.

4 Library is open for few hours each morning.

5 College charges extra €30 for Welcome Party.

подпись: sport
подпись: warm-up

Look at the pictures. In pairs, ask and answer the following questions:

■ What are the main differences between the sports shown in the photographs?

* Which is more important to you when playing games: winning or enjoying yourself?

■ Do you prefer to be part of a team or to compete individually?

■ Have you tried any of the sports in the pictures?

Develop your reading skills ∕~j∕

What’s the sport?

You are going to read some statements which are all concerned with sport.

Read the statements as quickly as you can, and write on the line below each statement which sport you think the statement is about.


Tm not so keen on the field events such as the javelin and the high jump, but I love all the track events, especially the 1500 m.’

What’s the sport?


‘And it’s a goal! What a match! So, that’s three two to Blackburn… six more minutes till half-time.’

What’s the sport?


‘I think there’s a real feeling of achievement once you get to the top. You know, it’s just man against nature, and you’ve actually done it. It’s a great feeling!’

What’s the sport?


‘I tried it for the first time when we were on holiday last summer. I spent about fifteen minutes practising on the beach: standing on the board, holding the sail, trying to keep my balance. I thought Γd got the hang of it, but as soon as I actually got in the water I couldn’t stay on at all.

John couldn’t stop laughing!’

What’s the sport?


‘It’s a bit like tennis in that there’s a net and you’re trying to get the ball over the net. But you don’t have a racket, and you hit the ball with your hands or your wrists. Also, you’ve got to hit the ball before it touches the ground.’

What’s the sport?


The course at St Andrew’s is one of the most challenging courses in the country. Even the most experienced professionals sometimes end up stuck in the sand, or losing their ball in the lake.’

What’s the sport?


‘They don’t have a pool at school, so I usually take the kids to the local leisure centre every Saturday afternoon. They love it. Nicola usually does lengths, and Adam just splashes around in the shallow end.’

What’s the sport?

Find and write

Find THREE words or phrases in each statement which helped you make your decision. Write them in the table below.

подпись: discuss


First word∕phrase

Second word∕phrase

Third WordZphrase








In pairs, discuss your answers. Do you agree?

Develop your reading skills

What did they mean?

Look at the statements again on the previous page and circle the best answer to each question.

Statement 1

Which of these events would the speaker probably prefer to watch?

A The hurdles

B the discus

Statement 2

Is Blackburn winning?

A yes

B No

Statement 3

The speaker says: once you get to the top’. Who is ‘you’?

A The person the speaker is speaking to B The speaker and other climbers

Statement 4

Why does the speaker use the word ‘actually’?

A To emphasise the fact that they did take the board into the water eventually

B To emphasise the difference between practising and doing the sport for real

Statement 5

Which word or phrase does the speaker use to compare this sport with tennis?

A In that

B Also

Statement 6

Why does the speaker use the word ‘Even’?

A To emphasise that the course is not just used by amateurs B To emphasise that everyone finds the course difficult

Statement 7

Who is probably the better swimmer?

A Nicola

B Adam



In pairs, discuss your answers.

How did you decide which answer was correct?


Here are some more short statements about different sports. Match the statements 1-7 With their meanings (a-g) Below.

1 You ought to take some waterproof clothes with you.

2 I don’t think you lost because your opponent was better. I think you lost because of your strategy.

3 You’re going so fast and just concentrating on winning that you don’t have time to think about the danger.

4 Injury is an occupational hazard for professional athletes.

5 You’ve got to be prepared to go out and train every day, whatever the weather.

6 Don’t forget that you’re a team!

7 The referee said it was out, so there’s no point arguing.

A Your mind is focused on one thing.

B You have to follow the rules.

C You have to be very dedicated to your sport.

D You’ll probably get wet.

E You have to work together.

F You have to accept that accidents can happen.

G You could have made some better decisions.

Read these sentences and then use the words in bold to complete the sentences below.

» The match was a Draw, With both sides scoring three goals.

■ The Spectators Clapped and cheered when Williams came onto the court.

■ The Referee∕ref Blew the whistle and the game began.

■ Football, cricket and rugby are played on a Pitch∕field.

■ Basketball, volleyball and tennis are played on a Court.

■ Only six of the Competitors Will get through to the final.

Athletics Includes events such as the IOO m, the pole vault and the long jump.

Gymnastics Includes events such as the beam, and activities such as vaulting.

■ I think Betting On horse races and boxing matches is a complete waste of money.

■ She won a million pounds on the football Pools!

1 There aren’t any finals today, so there won’t be many in the stadium.

2 The has to be completely

Impartial; he can’t favour either team, or it’s not fair.

3 Professional goalkeepers can kick the ball from one end of the to the other.

4 There’s no point on him;

He’s lost the last three fights!

5 We used to do at school in

The summer term; I was quite a good sprinter.

6 In tennis, the is wider for

Doubles matches than it is For singles.

7 My dad does the every

Week, but I prefer the lottery.

8 Are in Olympic events

Allowed to be professional athletes?

9 I love watching; it’s incredible how they keep their balance on such narrow pieces of equipment.

10 What happens if it’s a? Do they have a rematch?

Practise your reading skills

Reading know-how

* Подчеркните в тексте слова и поставьте рядом номер вопроса, к которому они относятся. Это позволит вам

Значи тельно сократил и время на проверку задания.

■ Не с тарай тесь детально поня ть содержание текста до того, как вы прочтете вопросы. Сначала прочитайте вопросы. Затем просмотрите каждый абзац и постарайтесь най ти ключевые слова и фразы, которые связаны с вопросами.

Read and answer

You are going to read some information about some sports centres.

For questions 1-15, Choose from the sports centres (A-F). Some of the centres may be chosen more than once. When more than one answer is required, these may be given in any order. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Which sports centre or sports centres:

Mainly provides activities for young people?

Offers special diets for its diners?

Arranges particular activities for pensioners?

Do you have to join before you can use its facilities? advertises that it particularly welcomes disabled people? has plans to expand the range of sports it currently offers? would appeal to people who like animals?

Serves food?

Offers a financial saving to large groups of visitors? emphasises that its activities are not dangerous?

A Manor House Sports Centre

Manor House Sports Centre is committed to its policy of Sport for All. To that end, you can be assured of a warm welcome and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere whatever your shape, size or age. You haven’t taken part in any sporting activities for more years than you care to remember? Don’t let that put you off. Here at Manor House we believe it’s never too late to start. Whether you’re interested in joining a team, getting fit, professional training or just having a relaxing swim in the pool, Manor House is the place for you. No membership fee. Reasonable entrance fees. Discounts for OAPs, students, the disabled and the unemployed.

Stanton Bridge Sports and Leisure Centre

Stanton Bridge is a purpose-built luxury sports complex in the heart of the Hertfordshirei countryside. Opened in 1999, we now boast a membership of over 1,000 satisfied people. Your yearly membership fee covers the use of all our facilities For you and your family, whenever you wish. A 9-hole golf course, heated Olympic swimming pool, fitness centre,, indoor badminton, squash and tennis courts, 5-a-side football and all-weather hockey pitch are just some of the many facilities we offer. There’s also a 5-star restaurant, cafe and bar. Membership details on request.

Bay Hill

подпись: rock climbing and hill walking, plus team games

Organising a school outdoor sports holiday for your pupils? Bay Hill has the solution you’re looking for. Situated in the unspoilt beauty of the Lake District, Bay Hill specialises in providing action-packed outdoor adventure holidays for teenagers. We offer it all: full accommodation and catering, horse riding, canoeing, sailing, and swimming in our fully-equipped leisure centre. Our highly trained and experienced instructors ensure absolute safety. Free meals and accommodation for teachers when travelling with parties of 10 or more pupils.

The Millennium Centre

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays: The Millennium Centre is the number one sports and activities provider in the South East for the mentally and physically disabled.

Tuesdays, Thursdays: Health, fitness and fun for the over-65s.

Saturdays, Sundays: Family Fun (children under 4 free).

Coach parties welcome (discounts for parties booking more than 1 week in advance). Full wheelchair access.

Dalton Sport

Dalton Sport is a member-run sports and social club in Plymouth. Regular events and get- togethers, plus fishing trips on our own fishing boat, Dalton Sport II. Tennis lessons available. We’re currently raising funds to build our own heated swimming pool. Come along and join us!

I Cheap monthly membership fee.


Recharge your batteries at Evergreen. 1-and 2-week activity holidays at our countryside sports club and hotel. Whether you want to relax in the sauna, take up a martial art or go pony trekking through the Brecon Beacons, Evergreen can accommodate. Vegetarians and I vegans catered for. Colour brochure and price list on request. Sorry, no children under the age of 14. Only limited wheelchair access.


In pairs, discuss the words you underlined that gave you the answers. Did you underline the same things?

Grammar focus

No Membership fee. = There is no Membership fee.

Organising A school outdoor sports holiday for your pupils?

= Are you organising A school outdoor sports holiday for your pupils?

No children. = No Children Are allowed.

Rewrite these notes as full sentences.

1 Want To get fit and have fun at the same time? 4 Only Limited wheelchair access.

подпись: 5 vegetarians catered for.2 Satisfied With your local gym?

подпись: j coach parties welcome. подпись: 6 membership details on request.
подпись: sport
подпись: warm-up

Look at the pictures. In pairs, ask and answer the following questions.

■ What facilities for sports does your town have?

■ Are you a member of a gym? Would you like to be?

■ What facilities do you think a sports centre should have?

Develop your writing skills

Looking at layout

Even though you can’t read the words, you can still say what kinds of composition these are. Match the diagrams to the composition type and write why.

1 __ 2 _ 3

A letter

Diagram number:____

Why? _____________________________________________________________

A report

Diagram number:____

Why? _____________________________________________________________

A discursive composition

Diagram number:____

Why? _____________________________________________________________

Complete the table

For each type of composition, tick the correct boxes.

Often has a title

Has paragraphs

Uses headings

Your name appears in it





Discursive composition

Starting a report

Read this question and complete the start of the report.

You work for a local tourist information office. Your manager has asked you to write a report on the new sports centre which opened recently in your town. Describe the facilities offered by the sports centre and explain how interested you think tourists would be in visiting it.




Which of these can also be used at the start of a report? Choose two.

Date: Conclusion:

Mark: Re:

How did they do?

подпись: and answer the questions that follow.

Read these two paragraphs from two different answers to the question above

Swimming Pool

Tke PovciliHeS ovP Pke SpovPs cenPve include лч olywvpic-siz-еД pool, which is Phe only one oP PkovP siz, e in ouv ovveov. Цок only will ip be useX Pov- Peovm Pvovining апДvoices, buP ip will ovlso be open Po Pke public on some. Aovys oP Pke week. vJe skou∣A expecP ip Po ovPPvovcP movny PouvisPs Po Pke cenPve.

TTio-Ve — iς A ςwimmin^. Pool, a ζnacjz. bar, indoor +enniζ eovr+ς and baςke+ball cx>υr+ς. I think, People will Probably Iikz — +he≤e facilities. There are — bi^. ohan^in^. Rootrς and Friendly aζζiςtantζ. I we aξk the manager For

EafEtζ we can ^j√e To toυriςtζ.

подпись: develop your writing подпись: skills
подпись: which paragraph...
a tries to mention too many things?
b has a more formal style?
c clearly focuses on one main point?
подпись: d makes a good suggestion?
e is clearly laid out with a heading?
f would get better marks in the exam?

Write a paragraph

Complete this answer to the question above by writing a paragraph of about 30 words. Read your paragraph to the class and listen to other students’ paragraphs.

To: Mr Johnson

From: Debbie Lambert

Subject: The new sports centre


As requested, I have visited the new sports centre in King Street-The centre has now been open for two months. The main facilities are the basketball courts, the gymnasium and the ice-skating rink.

Basketball courts

The centre has three courts, which are generally modern and well — maintained. They are often booked days ahead and we should tell tourists this when they contact us for information.


Ice-skating rink

The rink is in excellent condition and has already attracted people from other towns. The centre organises classes in skating on Saturday mornings, which are popular with young people.


To sum up, the sports centre is very positive for our area. We can expect it to attract a number of visitors. I suggest asking the manager to provide us with leaflets to hand out to tourists.

Study the model

Read model composition 4 on page 213 and do the following task.

Underline in the model

A Where the writer mentions the subject of the report.

B a good phrase for introducing a report.

C Two places where the writer gives a summary of the report.

D The writers suggestion.

E The reader of the report.

Composition development

Read this composition question and do the exercises that follow.

You have a part-time job in a sports shop. The manager wants to make the shop more popular with young people and has asked you to write a report making some recommendations.

Write your Report For your manager.


Answer the following questions, using your imagination where necessary.

Discuss your answers with the class.

What is your manager’s name?______________________________________________________

What is the subject of your report?__________________________________________________

Write three reasons why young people might prefer other shops.

1 ______________________________________________________________________________

2 ______________________________________________________________________________

3 ______________________________________________________________________________

Whatthree solutions could you suggest?

1 ______________________________________________________________________________



What style would be appropriate for your report?

Choose the best headings

Read these headings and circle the ones you think might be good to use in this report. Choose three.

CThe people to blame Window display ;

» I

• I

I Prices Advertising

Football Facilities

Make it formal

These sentences are too informal for a report. Express the same idea in a more formal way.

1 You should make things cheaper, shouldn’t you?

2 You know, it must be ages since you changed the window display.

3 Your advert is really boring and old-fashioned.

4 Get some new trainers.

Plan your paragraphs Complete the following paragraph plan, making notes on what you are going to include in each paragraph and what heading you are going to give each paragraph.

Repov÷ f>l


F√0vn: ■Subject-.


PAvAgvApU 2

HetAeAing: _______________

Pav AgvtnpU 3


PAVAgvtnpU 4∙




Now write your report.

Read this checklist. When you have written your report, tick the boxes.

■ I have used the correct format for a report.

■ I have clear headings for each paragraph.

■ I have used an appropriately formal style.

■ I have checked for spelling mistakes.

■ I have checked for grammar mistakes.

Read these sentences and then use the words in bold to complete the sentences below.

■ The new Sports centre∕leisure centre Has great tennis courts.

■ A Gym∕gymnasium Is a place where people go to get some exercise and try to get fit.

I Try to Work out At the gym at least once a week.

■ A Rink Is a place where people go to skate on the ice.

■ Mum, I need a new pair of Trainers, And they have to be the right brand.

I Don’t care which Side Wins as long as it’s a good match.

■ A Commentator Describes the action for people watching or listening at home.

■ Hang on! I think I’ve left my racket in the Changing room.

■ Our team Trains At least three times a week and sometimes more.

■ Whenever we play football, John Picks All his friends to be on the same side.

1 ‘And it’s a goal!’ the shouted


2 If you want to get in shape, why don’t you join a?

3 I just hope the other don’t

Score before the final whistle.

4 What this town needs is a new with modern facilities.

5 Greg deserves to get into the team because he harder than anybody else.

6 Don’t leave any valuables behind in the

7 I can’t run as fast as the other runners in these old

8 I hope the coach doesn’t forget me when he the team for this Saturday.

9 They’re putting on a professional ice show at the this weekend.

10 I used to, but now I’ve let myself get a bit out of shape.

Practise your writing skills


Writing know-how

Соблюдайте порядок оформления письменной работы и помните о делении текста па абзацы. Не забывай ге, что при написании отчета, каждый абзац должен быть озаглавлен.

Each of these reports should be written in 120-180 Words in an appropriate style.

1 You have a part-time job in a gym. The manager wants to attract more customers and has asked you to write a report making some recommendations.

Write your Report For your manager.

2 You work for a local football club. The club is considering making changes to its stadium. The manager has asked you to write a report on the current stadium, suggesting improvements.

Write your Report.

Grammar focus

The sports centre offers a great opportunity to local people.

When a sentence has a direct object (a great opportunity)And an indirect object (local people),It is often better to rewrite the sentence as follows: The sports centre offers local people a great opportunity.

Rewrite the following sentences in the same way.

1 I am writing this letter to you to request information about membership Of the gym.

2 The coach ordered some new equipment for the team.

3 My mum bought some new trainers for my sister.

4 I asked the company to make a special tennis racket for me.

5 Simon asked me to lend my new football to him.

6 The player passed the ball to the captain.

7 Give the microphone to the commentator.



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