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Model test 1 Из нескольких вариантов (1, 2, 3, 4) Выберите единственно правильный

Model test 1

Из нескольких вариантов (1, 2, 3, 4) Выберите единственно правильный.

1. I In bad trouble if she hadn’t helped me.

1. will be 2. would be

3. would have been 4. am

2. Edinburgh… be very cold in winter.

1. can 2.is able

3. need 4. ought

3. His accent is. in the class.

1 .worse 2. the worse

3 . worst 4. the worst

4. Everything. by Tuesday.

1. will have been done 2. will do

3. will have done 4. would do

5. I wondered what he. there.

1. is doing 2. was doing

3. has been doing 4. does

6. . no need to hurry. We’ve got plenty of time.

1. it is 2. there is

3. this is 4. there are

7. .of them sees the world differently.

1. every 2. each

3. somebody 4. nobody

8. You never wrote, … you?

1. don’t 2. do

3. did 4. didn’t


If you… ready before eight, we can catch the early train.

1. will be 2. are

3. would be 4. were


The garden is all wet. It… in the night.

1. must rain 2. must have rained

3. should have rained 4. should rain


I thought I… the cheque a week before.

1. sent 2. will send

3. had sent 4. would send


It was impossible to see… in the dark.

1. anything 2. something

3. nothing 4. none


The appointment of a new managing director… next week.

1. will make 2. is making

3. was made 4. will be made


He won’t get any money until he… the work properly.

1. will finish 2. finishes

3. finished 4. would finish


’’Whose car is that in the drive?” — “I don’t know — not

1. ours 2. their

3. my 4. her

16. She said her brother… me the next day.

1. will phone 2. would phone

3. phoned 4. would have phoned


I know what you…

1. are meaning 2. are meant

3. meaning 4. mean


… we go to the seaside or to the mountains?

1. shall 2. have

3. ought 4. Are


Excuse the mess: the house….

1. has been painting 2. had been painted

3. is being painted 4. has painted

20. It would be a pity if Andy… the job.

1. doesn’t get 2. won’t get

3. didn’t get 4. hadn’t got

21. She… six different jobs since she left school.

1. had had 2. is having

3. has 4. has had

22. The trip will take… ten days.

1. other 2. another

3. more 4. others

23. We… win, but I don’t think there’s much chance.

1. need 2. ought

3. are able 4. might

24. He repairs… cars… motorbikes.

1. either… and 2. both… and

3. neither … or 4. both… or

25. It was a pleasure to meet… interesting people.

1. a such 2. so

3. such a 4. such

Составьте вопросительные предложения из данных слов.

Запишите цифры, которыми обозначены слова, в правильной последовательности.

26. 1. understand


1. for

2. I

2. open

3. you

3. is

4. was

4. to

5. why

5. the

6. upset

6. she

7. did

7. shop

8. waiting

28. 1.have











подпись: 6.cut



Выберите грамматическую конструкцию, соответствую­щую каждому предложению.

30. We couldn’t agree on any of the problems

1 .having discussed

2 .to have discussed

3 .discussing

4 .discussed

31. The manager succeeded… several projects every year.


2.in developing

3.in being developed

4.having been developed

32. We hope… the job by next Saturday.

1 .having finished

2 .finish

3 .to be finished

4 .to have finished

33. They saw the workers… the goods.

1 .packed

2 .packing

3 .to be packed

4 .to have been packing

34. I remember.. . him before.

1 .to see

2 .to be seen

3 .having seen


35. I can’t decide whether… her letter.

1 .answering

2 .to answer

3 .to be answered

4 .answered

Выберите_русское предложение, наиболее точно соответ­ствующее по смыслу английскому предложению.

36. I would like him to develop this program.

1. Мне нравится, как он разработал эту программу.

2. Я бы хотел разработать для него эту программу.

3. Я бы хотел, чтобы он разработал эту программу.

37. They are said to have been working at the report for a fortnight.

1. Говорят, они работали над отчетом две недели.

2. Они сказали, что будут работать над отчетом две недели.

3. Говорят, они работают над отчетом две недели.

38. I didn’t expect the matter to be settled so soon.

1. Я не ожидал, что вопрос будет решен так быстро.

2. Предполагалось, что этот вопрос будет решен не скоро.

3. Я не жду быстрого решения этого вопроса.

39. They are sure to come to an agreement.

1. Они уверены, что придут к соглашению.

2. Они, несомненно, пришли к соглашению.

3. Они, несомненно, придут к соглашению.

Выберите предлоги, соответствующие данным предложе-


40. She looks much younger… this photo.

41. I’ll never forget meeting you… that afternoon.

42. We were surprised… his mistake.

43. He studied in America… three years.

44. There’s no room… the bus; let’s get off again.

45. These photographs were taken… a very good camera.








Выберите слово, наиболее близкое по значению к данному.

46. however





47. basic





48. to prevent

1.to claim

2.to cause

3.to finish

4.to avoid

49. rarely





50. competition





Выберите правильный вариант подчеркнутой формы гла­гола.

Только что мы Подписали(51) выгодный контракт. До того, как контракт Был подписан(52) , его условия Обсуждались (53) в течение месяца. Первая партия товара Будет поставлена(54) к нача­лу сентября. Представитель британской стороны Приезжает (55) зав­тра. Он сообщил на днях, что посвятит(56) свой визит организации сервисного обслуживания.



2.have signed

3.had signed

4.were signed


1 .was being signed

2 .had been signed

3 .have signed

4 .was signed


1.have been negotiating

2.had been negotiated

3.were negotiated

4.have been negotiated


1 .will be delivered

2 .will deliver

3 .will have been delivered

4 .will have been delivering



2.will come

3.is coming

4.would come

1.will be devoted

2.would devote

3.would be devoted

4. devotes

Запишите номера слов, соответствующих смыслу данных предложений.

1.founder 2.product 3.alone 4.ideas 5.fans

6.way 7.habits 8.disturbing 9.worldwide 10.listening


Like all the best… (57) “Walkman” was a brilliant one. There has never been a… (58) that defines personal… (59) freedom better than “Walkman”. Legend has it that Akio Morita wanted a new… (60) of lis­tening to his beloved opera without… (61) others but even Sony’s… (62) was surprised that his… (63) would revolutionize the listening… (64) of well over 65 million music… (65) the world over. Last year… (66) more than 3 million “ Walkmans” were sold… (67).

Выберите вариант ответа, соответствующий каждому предложению.

68. We… to announce a further delay in the departure of Flight KLM-230.

1.apologise 2.sorry 3.regret 4.displeased

69. She was… to the University and granted a scholarship.

1.received 2.admitted 3.adopted 4.entered

70. This student… ever attends lectures.

1.hardly 2.usually 3.almost 4.practically

71. It’s your… to clean the room. I did it yesterday.

1.occasion 2.time 3.turn 4.try

Прочитайте предложенный текст и выберите единст­венно правильный ответ в каждом задании.

Volkswagen AG is a German automobile manufacturer and one of the largest companies worldwide. It was founded by the German govern­ment in 1937 to mass-produce a low-priced “people’s car”. Its headquar­ters are in Wolfsburg.

The company was originally operated by the German Labor Front, a Nazi organization; and Ferdinand Porsche was brought in to design the car. Production was interrupted by World War II, and by the end of the war both the Volkswagen factory and the city of Wolfsburg were in ruins. Allied attempts to revive the West German auto industry after the war centered on the Volkswagen, and in little more than a decade the compa­ny was producing half of West Germany’s motor vehicles.

Exports to most parts of the world were strong, but because of the car’s small size, unusual rounded appearance, and historical connections with Nazi Germany, sales in the United States were originally slow. This changed in 1959, when an American advertising agency, Doyle Dane Bernbach, began a landmark advertising campaign, dubbing the car the Beetle because of its shape and pointing to its size as an advantage to the consumer. This campaign was very successful, and for some years follow­ing, the Beetle was the leading automobile import sold in the United States.

The Volkswagen hardly changed from its original design, however, and by 1974, with increasing competition from other compact foreign cars, Volkswagen came near bankruptcy. This spurred the company to develop newer, sportier car models, among them the Rabbit and its suc­cessor, the Golf.

In 1960 the state essentially denationalized the company by selling 60 per cent of its stock to the public. Volkswagen acquired the Audi auto company in 1965. Volkswagen and its affiliates operate plants throughout the world. In addition to cars, the company produces vans and minibuses, automotive parts and engines. Its core market is the European Union and its major subsidiaries include well-known brands like Audi, Bentley, Skoda, Lambordgini, Bugatti, SEAT.

72. In the 1930s Volkswagen AG was the company which …

1 .designed a car for the rich

2 .was bought by Ferdinand Porsche

3 .was engaged in mass production

73. The company nearly went bankrupt because

1.it lost fierce competition with foreign cars

2.it made drastic changes in the car design.

3.it opened overseas subsidiaries

74.The Beetle became popular in the USA due to.

1.its strong exports

2.its fashionable design

3.a successful promotion campaign

75. After denationalization Volkswagen started.

1.restoring production

2.introducing new products

3.selling its stock to the public

Model test 2

Из нескольких вариантов (1, 2, 3, 4) Выберите единственно правильный.

1. If I … her name, I would tell you.

1. had known

3. knew

2. will know

4. would know

2. There… to be traffic lights at this crossroads.

1. ought

3. must

2. should

4. could

3. There are… nicer shops in the town centre.

1. most

3. very

2. much

4. the most

4. Something the matter with the car — it won’t start.

1. there is

3. this is

2.it is

4.these are

5. We can’t use the sports hall yet because it.

1. is still built

3. is still building

2.is still being built

4.has still been building

6. As soon as she came in, I knew I… her before.

1. have seen

3. had seen


4.have been seeing

7. I wish I… Chinese.

1. spoke

3. will speak


4.have spoken

8. “Who’s there?” — “ …

1.it’s me

3. i do

2.it’s i.

4. me do.

9. After I… work, I’ll come round to your place.

1. will finish

3. will have finished

2. have finished

4. finished

10. You… to carry identity papers in England.

1. needn’t 2. haven’t

3. mustn’t 4. don’t have

11. If it… fine tomorrow, I’m going to paint the windows.

1. will be 2. is

3. would be 4. were

12. There was hardly… in the hotel.

1. somebody 2. nobody

3. anybody 4. none

13. He told us that the report… by a discussion.

1. will follow 2. followed

3. would be followed 4. would follow

14. Some metals are magnetic, and… aren’t.

1. the other 2. other

3. the others 4. others

15. The exam was… than I thought it would be.

1. hard 2. more hard

3. harder 4. hardest

16. I wondered whether service… or not.

1. was included 2. is included

3. will be included 4. included

17. I… she is making a mistake.

1. am feeling 2. felt

3. was feeling 4. f eel

18. You… have been nicer to your sister.

1. can 2. should

3. ought 4. are able

19. The old fire station… into a theatre.

1. has turned 2. has been turned

3. has been turning 4. had been turned

20. You wouldn’t have caught cold if you… your coat.

1. had taken 2. took

3. would take 4. were taking

21. The phone rang while I… dinner.

1. had 2. have been having

3. had had 4. was having

22. He watched each gesture of… as if she was a stranger.

1. her 2. hers

3. herself 4. she’s

23. There’s a light out there, … ?

1. isn’t there 2. is it

3. is there 4. isn’t it

24. He was… nice person that everybody liked him.

1. so 2. such

3. such a 4. so a

25. I… admire… distrust him.

1. both… and 2. neither… or

3. either . and 4. both. or

Составьте вопросительные предложения из данных слов.

Запишите цифры, которыми обозначены слова, в правильной по-


26. 1.the




















28. 1.learnt













подпись: 7.you



Выберите грамматическую конструкцию, соответствую­щую каждому предложению.

30. The process of… a problem by analogy may often give good re­sults.

1. being solved

2. solving

3. solve

4. having been solved

31…. for people who were late made him angry.

1. to wait

2. wait

3. waited

4. being waited

32. He showed us a list of goods… by the firm.

1. exporting

2. exported

3. having exported

4. to have exported

33. I’d rather… for a bit longer.

1. to stay

2. staying

3. stay

4. stayed

34. We couldn’t help… when we heard it.

1. laugh

2. to laugh

3. laughed

4. laughing

35. at the station, I called a porter.

1. arrive

2. arrived

3. being arrived

4. arriving

Выберите русское предложение, наиболее точно соответ­ствующее по смыслу английскому предложению.

36. The company is reported to have become the market leader.

1. Сообщают, что компания стала лидером рынка.

2. Компания сообщила, что стала лидером рынка.

3. Сообщили, что компания станет лидером рынка.

37. I don’t want you to be persuaded to give up the position.

1. Я не хочу, чтобы ты убеждал меня отказаться от этой должности.

2. Я не хочу, чтобы тебя убедили отказаться от этой должности.

3. Я не хочу убеждать тебя отказаться от этой должности.

38. They are likely to visit the international fair.

1. Вероятно, они посетят международную ярмарку.

2. Им нравится посещать международные ярмарки.

3. Вероятно, они посетили международную ярмарку.

39. We expect him to succeed in realizing our plan.

1. Мы ждем его, чтобы успешно выполнить наш план.

2. Мы полагаем, что он успешно выполнит наш план.

3. Мы полагаем, что он успешно выполнил наш план.

Выберите предлоги, соответствующие данным предложениям.

40. When did you arrive… England?

41. He is not bad… tennis.

42. The meeting is.. . this Thursday.

43. There’s a mistake… page 20.

44. The door was opened… a key.

45. I’m tired… listening to this.








Выберите слово, наиболее близкое по значению данному.

46. tremendous





47. concerning





48. to dedicate

1.to decrease

2.to devote

3.to violate

4.to predict

49. besides





50. chiefly





Выберите правильный вариант подчеркнутой формы гла­гола .

До того, как я Поступил(51) в университет, я Учил(52) анг­лийский язык восемь лет. Сейчас, помимо английского, я Учу(53) немецкий язык и уже Прочитал(54) на нем несколько экономиче­ских статей. Когда я Получу(55) диплом, я Буду сдавать(56) экза­мены в аспирантуру.


1.had entered


3.was entering

4.have entered


1 .have been learning

2 .have learnt

3 .was learning

4 .had been learning


1 .have learnt

2 .am learning

3 .have been learning




2.had read

3.have read

4.was read


1 .will get

2 .would get

3 .will have got




2.would take

3.will take

4.will have taken

Запишите номера слов, соответствующих смыслу данных предложений.

1. wish 2. truly 3.quality 4.own 5.combining 6.popular 7.different 8.heart 9.offers 10.situated 11.training

The Intensive School of English is one of the most… (57) schools in Brighton. It… (58) a unique and flexible program of high… (59), low price classes for adults and teenagers who… (60) to learn English quick­ly. It is a teacher… (61) centre which has the worldwide reputation for… (62) quality and value. The school is… (63) in Duke Street in the… (64) of the beautiful old town. The school itself is lively, friendly and… (65) cosmopolitan with over 30 … (66) nationalities regularly in attendance. It has its… (67) cafe, language laboratory and library.

Выберите вариант ответа, соответствующий каждому предложению.

68. National presidential elections take… every four years.

1.part 2.place 3.priority 4.time

69. He has a good… of English.

1.experience 2.habit 3.command 4.manner

70. Please, keep in… what I’ve told you.

1.silence 2.touch 3.sense 4.mind

71. The… fashion amuses me a lot.

1.latest 2.latter 3.last 4.late

Прочитайте предложенный текст и выберите единст­венно правильный ответ в каждом задании.

Few men have influenced the development of American English to the extent that Noah Webster did.

Born in West Hartford, Connecticut, in 1758, Webster graduated from Yale in 1778 and began to practice law in Hartford. Later, when he turned to teaching, he discovered how inadequate the available school­books were for the children of a new and independent nation. In response to the need for truly American textbooks, Webster published A Grammat­ical Institute of the English Language, a three-volume work that consisted of a speller, a grammar, and a reader. The first volume, which was origi­nally known as The American Spelling Book, was so popular that even­tually it sold more than 80 million copies and provided him with a consi­derable income for the rest of his life. While teaching, Webster began work on the Compendious Dictionary of the English Language, which was published in 1806, and was very successful.

In 1807, Noah Webster began his greatest work, An American Dictio­nary of the English Language. In preparing the manuscript, he devoted ten years to the study of English and its relationship to other languages, and sev­en more years to the writing itself. Published in two volumes in 1828, An American Dictionary of the English Language has become the recognized authority for usage in the United States. Webster’s purpose in writing it was to demonstrate that the American language was developing distinct mean­ings, pronunciations, and spellings from those of British English. He is re­sponsible for advancing simplified spelling forms: Theater and Center instead of Theatre and Centre; Color and Honor instead of Colour and Honour.

Webster was the first author to gain copyright protection in the USA by being awarded a copyright for his American Speller. He continued, for the next fifty years, to lobby for improvements in the protection of intellectual properties, that is, authors’ rights. In 1840 Webster brought out a second edi­tion of his dictionary, which included 70,000 entries instead of original 38,000. The name Webster has become synonymous with American dictio­naries. This edition served as the basis for the many revisions that have been produced by others, ironically, under the uncopyrighted Webster name.

72. A Grammatical Institute of the English Language was written because…

1. there were no available textbooks in those days

2. schoolbooks were not appropriate for American children

3. spelling was hard to teach

73. Webster earned a lifetime income from

1. Compendious Dictionary of the English Language

2. An American Dictionary of the English Language

3. The American Spelling Book

74. Noah Webster contributed to the protection of.

1. human rights

2. intellectual properties

3. law

75. Webster’s purpose for writing An American Dictionary of the English Language was…

1. to show the differences between American English and British English

2. to prove the fact that American English was the exact replica of British English

3. to become the recognized authority in British English.

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